About Us

About Bodega Bay Apparel Company

Bodega Bay Apparel Company started in January 2021 and is a wholly owned subsidiary (DBA) of Merrimack Valley Models, LLC (a registered Delaware company) based out of Danvers, Massachusetts and founded/managed by Michael Peters Bond of Danvers, Mass.

About Our Products

Bodega Bay Apparel Company is a print-on-demand shop, meaning we don't actually hold any inventory but with every order we pass the order onto our on demand print service, Printful. Printful manages the production and shipment of all the items shown on the web site and ships directly from their factory to the customer. 

Many of the designs seen on Bodega Bay Apparel are templates that have been licensed through various design shops, however many designs have also been created internally.  If you see a design that you think is infringing on a known trademark, please reach out to us on our Contact Us page.

If you have an idea of a design, please also contact us through our Contact Us page.